Nivea lança inúmeros produtos com Ions de Prata

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Silver Protect

Silver Protect

How the formula with silver ions works

The antibacterial formula with silver ions is highly active and fights against bacteria rapidly: Silver ions are able to enter the bacterial cells and to deactivate their vital functions. This leads to a loss in viability of the bacteria and the inhibition of bacterial replication.

The products of the Silver Protect Range contain highly active silver ions providing various benefits:

  • The deo-shower and deo-sprays with silver ions are simultaneously tough on bacteria and gentle to the skin. The formulas reliably prevent the onset of body odour and keep the skin healthy and feeling refreshed.
  • The shaving and after shave products with silver ions work as follows: They effectively protect from bacterial action in a gentle manner and the after shave products support skin recovery after shaving. Additionally the after shaves deliver a cooling, invigorating experience.

Irritations or redness? No chance with the new Silver Protect range!

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